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“The Bedlamville Triflers’ music speaks for itself. It’s a swinging mix of gritty roots rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly and surf with a little bit of punk influence shining through. The band’s cuts are an homage to 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll – with influences from Sun Records-years Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Jano – and at the same time fresh and new and relatable for any modern bar show. 


“Amid their own commendably ablaze entries are aptly-registered readings of Eddie Cochran, the Rock'n'Roll Trio, Larry Terry, Al Ferrier, and Tibby Edwards). All of which would by itself suffice to hoist this above rack-fellows. But on instrumental El Sol De Guerroro," guitarist Shaun Roux rises to testify with musically multilingual articulateness. Gregg Guffey accents the ambitious and successful endeavor with animated, jazz skins. And on cut after cut, upright cat Brian Akers has their backs. One hopes to hear much more from this group. Recommended "Graceland," "Blues Stop Knocking At My Door," "Funny Car Mama," "Cattin' Around," "Shift Gears" ”


"These guys have a mission of keeping alive the styles of original rock-n-roll rebels such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Burnette, Charlie Feathers, and Louisiana natives Al Ferrier, and Johhny Jano." "When you go to a show you will get the pleasure of hearing classic covers from Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and many more, but you will also get original music from these guys. You'll jive to the sounds of songs like "Cattin' Around" and walk away a super fan."

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“Louisiana’s musical heritage was built upon a wide range of instruments, cultures, styles and sounds, but over the years some of that foundation has sort of slipped away. Enter the Bedlamville Triflers, a band looking to recapture a portion of that rich history and bring the sound of rockabilly soul back to the Bayou State.”


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